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Partnerships open up dynamic business possibilities, yet they bring with them an array of complications and responsibilities. Partnership structures are changing and developing more rapidly than used to be the case. Clients are also seeking the expertise of our corporate lawyers on key provisions of the Legal Services Act 2007, which transformed the UK legal landscape by creating opportunities for law firms to seek investment through flotations and private sources and to create alternative business structures with third party non-lawyer ownership. If you would like to find out how the Legal Services Act 2007 affects your business, please contact any member of our corporate law group.

Orr Litchfield’s corporate lawyers advise individual partners, limited liabillity partnerships (LLP) members, professional and commercial partnerships, limited partnerships and LLPs nationally and internationally on a broad range of issues that affect the day-to-day operation of their businesses through every stage of their life cycle from the establishment of the partnership, limited partnership or LLP, through its development phase, to the exit whether by way of merger, sale, dissolution or otherwise.

How can Orr Litchfield Solicitors help you with your partnership agreement and partnership law issues?

Our partnerships service includes Formations, Partnership Agreements, LLP Members’ Agreements, Conversions of general partnerships to LLPs, Merger Agreements, Dissolution Agreements, Partners Duties, LLP Members Duties, Partner and LLP Member Appointments, Removal of Partners and LLP Members, Settlements Agreements, Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

Our corporate lawyers are supported by Commercial, Competition, Employment, Intellectual Property, Commercial Property & Real Estate and Planning & Environmental legal experts where required to provide a full partnership support service.

We work closely with pensions, tax and financial advisors to help our clients establish, manage and exit their partnerships, limited partnerships or LLPs in the most efficient and effective way.

We regularly work on partnership, limited partnerships or LLP matters internationally. Where required, we are able to obtain support for our clients from our international network of lawyers.

Contact Orr Litchfield Solicitors to discuss your partnership agreement and partnership law issues

If you would like more information about partnership agreements or partnership law or would like to discuss a potential or existing partnership agreement or partnership law issue, please email us at enquiries@orrlitchfield.com, complete an Enquiry Form or call us.