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  •       Wednesday, 19 December 2018   

    What are we looking for?

    There is no such thing as a 'typical' Orr Litchfield lawyer. Our international focus and varied clients demand individuals with differing skills and interests. Potential and diversity are much more important to the long term viability of our practice than recruiting to a set formula.

    If you are going to work with us, you will need strong academic ability, a broad range of skills, a good record of achievement in other areas and the character, desire, drive and talent to be successful. Some qualities of particular interest and relevance to us are described below.

    We like to see these qualities demonstrated, not just described, although we understand that everyone will have had different opportunities and experiences.

    Academic ability

    We are looking for a consistently high level of achievement at throughout your academic career. In the United Kingdom, this would normally mean upper second- or first-class marks for each year at university (or the equivalent at a university outside the United Kingdom) and a majority of A grades at A Level (or the equivalent outside the United Kingdom).

    Analytical ability/creative thinking

    The sort of work undertaken in the firm means that we need to recruit those who can think clearly and identify the key aspects of a problem. You will need to show that you can explain complex issues in simple language and make sense of a complicated situation. We look for people who can see alternative ways of approaching and solving problems.

    Determination and drive

    The career path you are thinking of following is not an easy one. It will be intellectually and commercially satisfying, but demanding. We therefore need to identify those individuals who can fit a lot into their lives and who have plenty of enthusiasm and a desire to develop and succeed.


    Our strategy of pursuing high quality, stimulating work means that our people need to enjoy dealing with new ideas and adapting to new challenges. You also need to be adaptable enough to deal with detail, as well as the big picture.

    Teamworking/interpersonal skills

    Plenty of activities require teamwork, and it means far more than simply appearing on a sports pitch or turning up at a committee meeting. You need to be able to approach and interacted with others, as you will need to get on with a huge range of colleagues, consultants, professionals and clients.

    Know your own limits

    We do not expect our lawyers to know everything. Indeed we wish you to specialise whilst retaining a good general understanding of the law. We do expect you to know where you need assistance from colleagues, consultants or other people and to call on that assistance.

    Organisation and discipline

    Our lawyers manage transactions in multiple jurisdictions. They need to keep up with developments in the law, their clients' businesses and the jobs they are working on. You must be able to multitask keep track of matters and not lose your cool.

    Commercial sense

    We think this is something that usually comes with experience and time. What we look for is the potential to develop commercial sense. We feel that there are various ways we can identify this through your activities and interests.


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